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  • updating automation and smart migration to upgrade programs quickly to maximize
    the Cloud Continuum benefits.

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Mainframe Transformation at the Leading Edge

Mainframes is the backbone of many business operations, hosting vital data and applications.

According to our Mainframe Upgrade Survey results, firms frequently need help with transformation since it is costly, time-consuming, difficult to find the specialized skills needed, and necessitates a clear strategy.

Traditional mainframes are becoming innovation barriers as a result of these problems.

Give up worrying! For you, we provide the ideal modernization and refurbishment options.

In order to determine the best business strategies, Vayuna LLC assists enterprises in evaluating when and how to upgrade and renovate mainframe programs.



Vayuna LLC offers a wide range of services geared toward updating your company's applications to improve functionality, spur innovation, and strengthen flexibility and continuity.

cloud migration, data analytics,web application

Advice On Application And Technical Architecture

Have a vision for application and technology along with business capabilities, and then link the goals of value realization to the aims and outcomes of the business.

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Application Research, Evaluation, And Planning

Identify and evaluate the portfolio of applications, make a business case for app renewal, rationalize the portfolio, define the architecture, and develop a roadmap.

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Transformation to Dev(Sec)Ops and Agile

Offer coaching in Agile/DevOps and the deployment of Agile/Dev(Sec)Ops tools and procedures.

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Modernizing The Application

Use tested accelerators and techniques to carry out a stated roadmap's intended application modernizations and architectural blueprints at scale.

cloud migration, data analytics,web application

Mainframe Modernization

Accelerate optimization and modernization in place or the cloud continuum using Agile/Dev(Sec)Ops, containerization, and automated code conversions.