Common myths and misconceptions around cloud solutions.

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expert consultants, consulting firm
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  • 08  Nov,  2021

Common myths and misconceptions around cloud solutions.

The history of Cloud systems dates back to the 1960s when IBM achieved the first milestone of virtualizing OS. Since then, many significant advancements have made the Cloud what it is today. More than 60 years have passed since the initial idea for Cloud was laid down, and it has been over a decade since the introduction of Cloud computing software. But the myths and misconceptions around the Cloud don’t seem to cease. Myths about Cloud have led many people to not put in their complete trust in the operations of the Cloud. Let’s gander at some of those myths and demystify them to help people understand the advantages of the Cloud:

On-premise IT infrastructure is more secure than the Cloud.

Just as the on-prem IT security, Cloud security also follows comprehensive protocols to protect data. Data is encrypted when it is transferred to the internet. In contrast to the on-prem structure, the Cloud automatically updates security patches. This reduces the risk of malware attacks and ransomware attacks, which are high when the security patching is performed manually. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure the security of data and applications.

The Cloud is just a data center.

Cloud is a virtual infrastructure that uses the internet for transporting information between different ends. This gives Cloud a major edge over the traditional on-prem hardware systems that not only require space but also need constant maintenance. Cloud offers faster, better, and smarter solutions to drive digital data across an organization. The ease of accessing data increases when it is stored over the Cloud. A stable internet connection and proper credentials are all you need to access the data. A third party can maintain the data servers, and you don’t have to worry about extending constant support like on-premise IT infrastructures.

Job scare caused by the Cloud.

The scare that many IT workers may be out of jobs if the Cloud operations are accepted everywhere is a total myth. However, one may indeed have to up their level of skill or learn a few new things in order to adapt to the changing tapestry that’s just the part of the evolution. The work will become more strategic and organized.

It is estimated that by 2022 the Cloud technology will induce close to 133 million jobs and be responsible for 75 Million job losses. However, it will still bring the net gain to a total of 58 Million worldwide.

Risk of Data-breach on Cloud.

Data security remains by far the biggest myth that surrounds Cloud. Cloud providers have customers in the finance sector, healthcare sector, government, and other major sectors. Thus, they have to be on their feet with updated technology and abide by the strict policies laid down by governing bodies to avoid data leakage.

Major Cloud Solutions providers have strict data policies that protect your data when in rest or transit. Services such as these provide you with an option to control and access your data through encryption or two-factor authentication.

Small companies are reluctant to take their operations to Cloud.

The security and accessibility advantages of Cloud Solutions make them a better option for small-scale businesses. The Cloud makes it easier for all to access the data and also cuts down the cost that would have been spent on maintenance. As the business grows, cloud operations can also be scaled to accommodate the expansion. While in an on-prem arrangement, this would cause intangible delays and problems. Cloud solutions bring down the cost of investment.

Once we move to the Cloud, we’re done.

It is a general mistake to think that all your work is done once you move to Cloud-based solutions. Moving to Cloud is not a complete solution. This is where the role of MSP (Managed Service Provider) comes into effect. An MSP will take care of your problems, will monitor and manage your data so that your IT department can focus on developing more strategic initiatives to benefit your cause.

Ever-changing compliance requirements are hard to keep up with.

Changing guidelines and compliance rules can be a matter of concern for a lot of industries, including finance, healthcare, and insurance. The Cloud covers all these bases for you. You can be rest-assured after you have opted to use one Public Cloud Solutions. Public Cloud Solutions are well equipped to handle your overall compliance needs in a particular industry. With proper access control in place, you can ensure that your data is safe and compliant.

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